Show at SESC SP

If you're lucky enough to be in São Paulo on the 6th of December, do not miss the opportunity to check out Bruno Morais Live with his gig "Contra a Vontade do Chão". Check some of what will be going down on the night here.  One of the tracks 'Insomnio y Palabreria' is a poem by Canek Guevara. Unmissable!

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  2. Lucky enough to be in São Paulo on the 06/12? Check Bruno Morais live with his gig "Contra a Vontade do Chão". 2:39 AM Nov 25th
  3. @gillespeterson Hi Gilles we are Bruno Morais's label and would love to talk about collaborations 10:09 AM Aug 23rd
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  5. Boar in the garden ! #wildboar#forestofdean 2:29 PM Jun 4th
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